Saybz Says: Listen To Roger – Show Recap

Rhode Island may not be the first place that pops into your mind when you think “Hip Hop Culture” but believe me when I say that it is alive and breathing here.  Last Thursday, I parked on Main A9dKQK4CAAAYlMJ.jpg largeSt in Pawtucket and walked up the stairs to The Met. I entered into a large, airy room adorned with wall murals and a long bar. This was the setting of the December 6th Listen to Roger Show.

It was going to be a night that displayed some of Rhode Island’s homegrown talent. The show featured performances from Boco, Richie Grand, Crucial, Cesar Luciano and, of course, Roger. The energy of the host, Skeet Leo of 90.3 WRIU’s Music Please, radiated into the audience and there was an overwhelming sense of support throughout the venue. The music was presented by DJ Lord Fresh, a staple in Rhode Island Hip Hop, and this set the ambiance for an evening filled with lyrics and beats.1

Without going into too much detail, each artist leading up to Roger performed about three songs. I can be a harsh critic when it comes to the Hip Hop that I love but the entire show was enjoyable. All of the artist’s were on time, prepared and energetic. They seemed excited to be performing their tracks. After Cesar Lucano’s performance, he was called back onto the stage by an audience chant for “one more song!”

I was anticipating Crucial’s performance because I have seen his live show before and was interested in gauging growth, changes in style, etc. I am pleased to say that as far as stage presence is concerned, Crucial has it. He spoke clearly into the microphone, which is a largely underrated skill, and engaged the crowd. He also brought in a beautiful female singer who assisted him in one of his songs.

The finale was Roger’s set. He came out to his single, ‘F*ck a Feature’ and had masked men sharing the stage with him for emphasis. Throughout his performance, he had special elements such as a song featuring Crucial- or Sean Mayor- on the guitar, vocals by LJC Music and a surprise feature from RI’s own John Hope. It was clear that the room was full of Roger’s family, friends and fans. It is obvious to see that he definitely has a great suppor2t system!

In attendance were some of the people who are also adding to the Hip Hop Culture of Rhode Island; producer John Scino of the HeartStoppas, blogger Big Rud of, artists Zumo Kollie and Cam Bellz(formally known as Yung Cam), DJ International Nasty and DJ aSap, and 2pennies and DC of Pride Music Group.

The bottom-line is nothing gives me more energy than to see someone complete a goal that they set in front of them. I was introduced to artists that I had never heard before and I left wanting to research and hear more. That’s what a live showcase is supposed to do to you. Whether you are a fan of the music or not, it is undeniable that you must salute someone when you see results and dedication. With that said a huge shout out is in order to Roger and the Power Team for the entire #ListenToRoger show! We see you working.

-Stay Silent. +S


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