The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

imageI’m at a funny point in my life. I find myself somewhere in between believing in Santa while anticipating Christmas morning and hosting the family’s holiday dinner. This awkward middle stage of seasonal cheer can only be remedied by two things: LIQUOR AND FRIENDS.

image (5)This past Saturday, a few friends and I held an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. The purpose of the night was to get together, uplift the holiday spirit, play some games and drink some potent drinks. That happened and then some. The “and then some” included completely losing my cool over a 30 person game of Taboo and a Twitter Tree where guests wrote their Twitter handles to decorate it’s branches! It was a low key, fun evening with dope people. CHEERS!

Here is my list of The 5 Essentials for Throwing An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

1.) An Ugly Sweater- whether you raid the racks at your local thrift store or Do-It-Yourself by gluing jingle bells to a crew neck, you CANNOT host an UCSP without that sweater!

2.) Holiday Decorations- be prepared to spend hours at the Dollar Tree

3.) Munchies- no one ever really eats at these things, probably because they image (2)are so preoccupied by the plethora of alcoholic beverages. Regardless, have some snacks to nibble on.

4.) Music- you can go traditional with the N*Sync Christmas Album or Nat King Cole compilation or do it like we did and play a mush-mosh of A$ap Rocky, The Throne, Wu-Tang or whatever else shuffle threw together.

5.) Drinks- needless to say this helps in all areas. If the food sucks, drink. If the music sucks, drink. If the people suck, drink. 

Eat, Drink & be Merry!

-Stay Silent. +S


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