The Best Christmas Sneakers

On December 25,1947  the New York Knicks played the Providence Steamrollers for the first ever NBA Christmas Day Game.  While sneaker heads may have been few and
far between back then, this particular game set the foundation for what would eventually lead to Christmas colorways in some of our favorite shoes. In the ’90s aside from basketball dominance, the Chicago Bulls on any given night had some of the best kicks on the court despite not having special colorways for the holiday.Oh, how the times have changed. The past few years Nike has been putting out some pretty dope colorways from their signature basketball player lines for Christmas Day including Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Here are some of the dopest shoes worn on Christmas Day by some of our favorite NBA stars. –wn?


Lebron James with Nike Lebron 8 Christmas Edition. The Lebron 8 was a great shoe. I’m glad he went to Miami because with out the ‘Decision’ we would have never gotten the Pre Heats or any of the other great colorways released in this shoe.

Kobe wearing the Grinch colorway of his Kobe VI. Easily one of the best Kobe shoes & colorway ever. Not debatable.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe wearing the Christmas Kobe VII. If I hadn’t seen the 2012 Christmas Kobe’s I would have told you that Kobe doesn’t miss on Christmas. Nonetheless, Kobe doesn’t miss on Christmas

imageScottie Pippen wearing  Air Jordan 12 against Detroit Pistons during the 1997 Christmas Day game. What was so dope about this is Scottie Pippen wearing his team mates Michael Jordan signature shoe while he had a pretty incredible line of his own. Scottie Pippen may have one of the most slept on shoe lines in sneaker history. Side Note – Grant Hill is old a hell.

Los Angeles Lakers' guard Kobe Bryant hauls in a rNo words for this. Laker colorway in the AJ 7. Again, Kobe doesn’t miss on Christmas. Actually all I can say is Thank God, Kobe left Adidas.


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