Memorable Christmas Moments

Christmas spirit is at an all time high right now over here at You’ve probably opened your gifts, contemplated what your going to return or regift, ate all of your mother’s food, but now it’s time to reminisce. Here are some of my favorite Christmas moments throughout the years & no I still don’t know what Kwanzaa is. Stop asking me. -wn?


Merry Christmas from Carlton Banks and the Fresh Prince

Community Christmas Episode – Why they always have the black lady hitting all of the high notes?

DMX singing ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer’

bqw1niih6gruag9wbhvjb3afo1_400OJ Simpson wishing us a Happy Holidays.

QYvSUReal or Fake, anything with Bret the Hitman Hart embodies the holiday spirit.

Jesus vs Santa ‘South Park’ Episode

Everybody Hates Christmas – LOL @ him wanting a portable cassette player


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