2013: As Told By Silence

In 2012, we spent the year developing the idea for this site and it’s projects. We learned a lot- both from our own experiences and from watching others.

We’ve said it before, there is a very limited barrier for entry in all things media now-a-days. If you want to rap, all you need is SoundCloud and a YouTube page. If you want to model, get an iPhone and download Instagram. But with all of these advancements, we’ve lost sight of the key to a long lasting product; QUALITY.

Which got us thinking, WHAT IS QUALITY? We’ve debated back and forth. Is quality hand-in-hand with innovation? Does quality have to do with staying true to your beliefs?

We came down to one conclusion. To achieve quality work, you must be willing to innovate, pay attention to detail, plan and UNPLAN until your product can stand instead of you.

We hope that you move in SILENCE towards your goals in 2013. We wish you energy, prosperity and patience.

-wn? +S


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