Pusha T: My Name Is My Name

For any Hip Hop junkie Pusha T should be no stranger. Originally apart of the rap collective known as The Clipse, Pusha T along with his brother Malice released two cult Hip Hop classics; Lord Willin’ & Hell Hath No Fury. Making their way onto the scene with Neptunes assisted ‘Grindin,’ there wasn’t a lunch table or locker that was safe from a closed fist as soon as the beat dropped.  As Pusha T uttered “From ghetto to ghetto, back yard to yard” The Clipse earned my ears for the next eight years. While those who enjoyed The Clipse and the brief moments of the Re Up Gang, many Hip Hop fans  under valued the influence and greatness of The Clipse. Many have still gone without giving Pusha T’s pre G.O.O.D Music catalogue an honest listen.mgidumacontentmtv

Pusha T embodies everything that a rapper should be; aggressive, witty, finesse, stylish, and the look of “I’m that nigga” in his eyes while he does everything previously mentioned. This may explain why two of the most influential taste makers in Hip Hop history have had him around.

Since Pusha T’s early rap beginnings, Pharrel has been an avid supporter of The Clipse. Pharrel assisted them in getting their first two record deals. The first two Clipse album’s were a collage of Pusha T and Malice’s cocaine flows  over strictly Neptunes production. As a member of The Clipse, Pusha was able to receive a RIAA certified gold plaque for Lord Willin and a XXL rating for Hell Hath No Fury from XXL magazine. Outside of his group effort’s Pusha T contributed lyrics onto some of  the key production credits Pharrel and The Neptune’s had during that time. These verses included  Justin Timberlake’s first single Like I Love You. 

The Clipse would go onto designing Play Cloths, forming The Re Up Gang, and releasing their first album with producers other than The Neptunes, Til the Casket Drops.  Right when Pharrel wasn’t directly associated with The Clipse, Kanye West lends The Clipse a 16 for their single Kinda like a Big Deal.  That record would change Pusha T’s rap career forever.

Fast forward September 2010, Pusha T officially signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music label. In the coming months Pusha T would drop his Fear of God and make appearances with  Kanye West on & off the wax. One particular appearance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards engraved Pusha T’s solo status into rap’s future. It was at the 2010 MTV VMAs where Kanye West would bring out Pusha T to perform his verse on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s lead singleKanye_PushaT_VMA_GWDJ ‘Runaway.’ From this point on, The Clipse atheists were turned into believers, atleast for Kanye West’s sake.

Now in 2013, Pusha T is to Kanye West what Shyne was to Puff in ’99. Whether it’s been on Kanye West’s #GOODFRIDAY releases, a Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex freestyle, ‘New God Flow,’ ‘Pain,’ ‘Blocka,’ and the shadow box of the century, ‘Exodus,’ Pusha T has a lot of new fan’s excited. While many had different opinions about the GOOD Music compilation Cruel Summer, Pusha T and label mate Big Sean used this as the platform to showcase what is in store for months to come. While there is no tentative date for Pusha T’s solo debut entitled My Name Is My Name, he has given us a lot to be excited about. For long time Pusha T fans, this could be a scary. For fans of rap, this could be the album we’ve waiting years for. What’s really exciting about this? We have no idea what to expect. My Name Is My Name coming sooner than later.




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