#ResponseRecap- Django Unchained

  1. As educated as I am …I have said nigga more times than the entire cast of DJANGO smh…..
  2. Django is a cool idea…but how can you dig Django…but disrespect Alex Haley’s “Roots” movies?
  3. I can’t with this degradation of MLK flier… Guess they saw Django too and wanted to add the cherry of disrespect and insult…
  4. Spike Lee boycotting Django because it would disrespect his ancestors. Okay dude, get off your high horse and enjoy this brilliant movie.
  5. I liked Django Unchained, what does that say about me as a black man?
  6. After seeing Django it makes me feel a little better cause not all white people were bad back in the day and not all blacks were for us…
  7. RT @NoahMunck: Just saw Django for the 2nd time… One of my favorite movies of all times. If you haven’t seen it, go! So good
  8. But honestly the reason Spike Lee boycotted Django is probably because he didn’t think of it first. #clapback
  9. Quentin Tarantino presents DJANGO the musical, directed by spike lee, starring the KKK, also featuring the black panther party with music…
  10. RT @DJKayyOhh: yall kill me wit this “they said nigger in django” fuck yall thought they called black people back then?? compadre?
  11. Django was a good film. YOU disrespect our ancestry daily, but choose to get mad at a film about it? STOP.
  12. RT @yusufyuie: Django was an Instant Classic. If you didn’t see it. You really can’t speak on it. Your assumptions don’t do the film justice.
  13. Django unchained is an amazing movie but the heartless acts portrayed make my blood boil.
  14. Saw Django Unchained, liked the story. Without giving anything away, I’ll say I was surprised w/Rick Ross’ music being in a western lol.

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