#JAMxROC recap

When you think Hip Hop super groups, you undoubtedly think of the Roc-A-Fella dynasty. But do you picture a quaint art gallery atop the Italian, Rhode Island landmark of Federal Hill? We didn’t either. So what else could we do but blend the two? On Saturday January 12, 2012, The Beautiful Silence held our first official event at Gallery Z entitled “JAM: Roc-A-Fella.”

In short, it was a two-hour journey through the Roc’s epic discography set in a sea of local art and young cultural enthusiasts. The purpose of our JAM series (yes, there will be more) is to combine the worlds that we love in ways that we find stimulating and inspiring. For this JAM, it was acrylic paint and vinyl scratching. For this JAM, it meant ironically meeting with an art gallery and explaining that our music will not cause a riot. Roc-A-Fella has made a huge impact on me and getting to share that excitement with a room full of dope individuals makes the convincing, planning and prep all worth it.

Check out some of the dope shots taken by our friend Sam (@WhichSam) from Dream’s Café and Sorry4TheBlog. Also, I threw in some of my iPhoneography. And for your listening pleasure, DJ International Nasty’s (@wheresnasty) Sound Cloud player in below this post. Hear the JAMxROC set from that night.

Turn my music high, high, high…

+S   |  @saybz


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